Balance: Cheating to Stay Sane

The stereotypical college diet pizza and beer…right? Last night was the first night that all of our group of friends were back in town and it also happened to be my buddy Sam’s birthday! Anyway, to celebrate we went out for 1.00 pizza slices and local craft brewskis. It was a nice break from the usually strict paleo diet that makes me happy,strong,and healthy. That being said for me the  occasional cheat meal helps me enjoy being a normal teenager and keeps me focused and dedicated this lifestyle and keeps me from feeling too deprived and isolated from my non-crossfitter friends.This is all part of living a balanced life…6 days a week I go to my box or outside and do work! I eat paleo, I study hard, I go to work, I work on my research.From time to time it is ok to be human the important thing is not to punish yourself for it.That has been my struggle, I have come to realize that a few slices of pizza once a month is not hindering my progress , nor does it make me a bad person. I have had a hard time finding balance…if I fall off the paleo wagon I always feel like all is lost which usually leads to a binge , bad feelings, remorse,ect. The last few months I have been working on being more accepting of myself, my flaws, shortcomings, and even strengths. In doing this it has been easier to stay committed to my regular diet after a night out because I refuse to feel bad about myself for what I’ve eaten. I have stopped calling them “cheat meals” they are just meals I refuse to give food the power to make me feel good or bad about myself. It’s food.

Anyway this morning’s workout included heavy back squats to put all those carbohydrates to good use!! In the end what matters is consistency. I know that as long as I get to the box and eat well on consistent basis that is what makes for progress, fuels my PRs, and keeps me moving toward my goals.If once a month I want to eat whatever…fine so be it.Regardless of what it is, I am working on staying centered,finding balance, and loving myself in the process.


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